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Senate-Passed Bill Would Bring Sunlight To Fed

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on May 8, 2009

Man this is frustrating. Everyone time I get excited cause they did the right thing you scroll down and see that well it isn’t in some other version so its got to go to another committee,dang it. How come the things that screw us up always breeze right on through? And the things that might make things a bit more right they flounder and get changed and compromised to no end until we get a bill or an amendment to a bill that is just a disappointment and can only be lauded on the basis of “better than nothing”If are going to own these damn things we need to get some type of benefits. The Banks should have to give something back to its taxpaying customers such as better credit card terms or waive over draft or changing late fee payment rules. Something. Damn they are taking our money on both ends. And then when someone has the temerity to ask what they are doing or try to get some type of concession they say “what you’ve always let us run wild in the past.” With a confused look on their overpaid faces. Then oh gosh an actual elected official will try to do the right thing and its endless haming and hawing and worst case scenarios well this might help a deadbeat or reward bad behavior yadda yadda. Hey we are rewarding bad behavior and helping deadbeats,the bankers.
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