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Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

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For the record I am an Iraq Vet, combat arms 19D. If something  goes down I am firmly on the side of the president and the Constitution to which I swore an oath. It wasn’t to Glock or Fox news. Goddamn Glen Beck and crew are shouting fire in a crowded theater full of angry irritated people. This is not protected. You cannot make endless accusations that have no merit that can easily be used to stir up enmity and advocate raising up at the duly elected government of the United States. Where is all the tyranny of which you speak? Fairer taxes? Leaving Iraq? Exposing Bush terror memos? Closing gitmo and banning torture?Creating green jobs and investing in roads? Oh god with tax money. Hey dick that is what taxes are for. So that society can pool its resources and help out said society as a whole. Oh not whats the root word of society lead to oh my god noooo Socialism. I tell yall what why don’t you opt out of taxes and if you house catches fire the Fire department will send you a bill. Or if you get robbed the police won’t come out until they check to see if your account is in good standing.
The taxes under Obama will go down for most of these people. He has also championed and put into place greater transparency in spending even before he became president. Wow. All that nasty social spending is on things we need. But you know that. You have just tricked all these poor people many of whom should be at work or looking for same into doing your dirty work. So that you can keep more your money. Selfishness personified while pretending to do the right thing. Don’t be fooled kids it is Socialism that they want in reality only for them they want society to subsidise their well off life style and bail out their contributors. They want capitalism(i.e.opportunties to fail) for you and you don’t have the money or opportunity thanks to their buddies to take advantage of capitalism. That is what I would call a raw deal. Please don’t fall for it. Thanks.


Third Generation combat vet whose great-grandfather died in WWII.
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Recently in response to the GOP criticism of of his spending plans President Obama brought up the example of 1937 when FDR gave in to such crictism and the economy suffered.
I wish he would tell Rep. Boner (Boehner can be pronounced Boner just as easily) where to go and to take creepy uncle McConnell with him. Where do the people who have been wrong about everything constantly get off on offering advice non stop?

Spending freeze? Yes because too much money in the economy is the problem. These cats are always against direct government spending. Dont‘ transfer the peoples wealth to them transfer it to contractors where it can find its way to superwealthy so it can trickle back done again duh. The difference is you spend three times as much and get dubious results,Iraq,Katrina and on and on.

The next time these unimaginable assholes start talking about something hurting families and small business. I wish the president would say fuck you. You don’t give a fuck about families or small business. You have spent your whole elected life molesting them. Your polices tilt the playing field towards giant business and make it harder for working families to prosper. Sure you do this in the name of fiscal discipline and competitiveness but that is just an excuse because when it comes time to kill someone or lock them up the budget be damned. When it comes time to award fat no bid contracts that bleed us dry and fail to produce this mythical efficiency and effectiveness the private sector is allegedly so good at well that just has to be done in the name of ___ (fill in the blank).

Mr.President while you are at it explain to them that Jack Bauer isn’t real and  that Atlas Shrugged is a work of fiction and that it is childish and intellectually disingenuous to suggest these as examples to be followed. I hope that your administration will continune to follow historical and reality based examples you know the ones subject to real world variables as opposed to plot devices and story considerations. Also, remember the people sqawking have been wrong,alot.

IAVA Press release

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Congressional Testimony Launches IAVA’s 2009 Legislative Agenda

CONTACT: Chrissy Stevens (212) 982-9699 or


Congressional Testimony Launches IAVA’s 2009 Legislative Agenda
Purple Heart Recipient Leads Call for Advance VA Funding and Prioritizing Veterans in the Economic Stimulus Package
NEW YORK – Tomorrow, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the nation’s first and largest nonpartisan group for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, will introduce its 2009 Legislative Agenda before the United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. The agenda addresses the most critical issues facing the newest generation of veterans. IAVA’s Director of Government Affairs, Iraq veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Todd Bowers, will testify to present IAVA’s 2009 Legislative Agenda publicly for the first time. The hearing is tomorrow, January 28th at 9:30AM (ET), in Room 418 of the Russell Senate Office Building. The event is OPEN to the media and will stream live online at: .

IAVA’s 2009 Legislative Agenda introduces a comprehensive plan to address challenges facing new veterans. Priorities include ensuring better screening for invisible injuries such as PTSD and TBI, providing advance funding for veterans’ health care, ending the passive culture within the VA, prioritizing veterans in the stimulus package, and ensuring correct implementation of the new GI Bill.

“2009 will be crucial year for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, especially those who are returning from war only to bear the brunt of the economic crisis. IAVA’s Legislative Agenda gives Congress a clear plan of action that ensures our returning servicemembers get the heroes’ welcome they deserve,” said IAVA Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff. “We thank the Senate VA Committee for seeking our expertise on these issues, and we look forward to working with Congress and the President to improve the lives of our troops, veterans, and their families.”

Bowers’ testimony will outline the 2009 Legislative Agenda and IAVA’s recent initiatives; including the landmark Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaign with the Ad Council. All members of Congress will have the opportunity to learn more about the Agenda in two weeks when IAVA brings a delegation of veterans to Washington, DC to visit Congressional Offices as part of IAVA’s fourth annual “Storm the Hill” campaign.

“People on both sides of the aisle need to put politics aside and start taking real action to support the over 1.7 million men and women who have served and continue to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. We look forward to meeting with members of Congress in two weeks to galvanize support around legislation that is so critical to a generation of heroes and their families,” Rieckhoff added.

To see the full 2009 Legislative Agenda please visit:

To arrange an interview with IAVA Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff or Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Bowers, or to learn more about IAVA’s upcoming “Storm the Hill” trip, please contact Chrissy Stevens at (212) 982-9699 or

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America ( is the country’s first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has more than 125,000 veteran members and civilian supporters nationwide. Its mission is to improve the lives of this country’s newest generation of veterans and their families

News Media quotes bogus CBO Report 81 times

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Amazing. Simple Amazing. No one checked up on it. Whatever happened to journalistic standards? Someone should get axed behind this the same way Dan Rather did for going on air with improperly source material.

These yahoos with all their righteous indignation using figures don’t exist and if they do would just be an estimate. These same wise and learned people in 2010 would be say tisk tisk should have passed the stimulus in 2009. The media is often accused of having a bias one way or another.Obviously their only real bias is towards the lowest common denominator not a party or idealogy. Even MSNBC which has relentllessly been accused of being pro President Obama was quoting this non existent report.

What is missing from this conversation is their gross negilgence of duty. Their duty is to inform people. Not only are they misinforming people they are prepping them with false expectations. There is not a quick fix. 2010 is next year people. Many reliable sources you know the kinds of people who know about the economy have said there is not quick fix and they have theroies on what recovery looks like. Oh hey you could cover that in more depth. If we cast about for an instant fix will will be sorely disappointed and whats worse we will shift towards a steeper decline. While we listen to moron’s with no agenda other than to excite and huff and puff for ratings. Nero fiddled we are flipping the channels.

Rush Limbaugh: “I Think Obama Wants Me To Fail”

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Of course he does you pompous hypocrite. You are an ignorance monger. Thats right I made up something new. You play off peoples ignorance,insecurities and base instincts and try to pass it off as insight. You sir are a disgusting embarrassment to all that is decent in America. Where do you derive your moral authority from? Is it built up with each dose of pills? From pulling the wings off butter flies?Mocking the sick as you did with Michael J. Fox? How can someone be so obtuse that they can pivot from one sick point to another and never even pause to notice the cognitive dissonance. Eight years you cry its wrong, immoral and treasonous to question the president in a time of war,yet you say you want the new president to fail in this most perilous times. Just for the record you are wrong all over sometimes the president needs to be questions. But at least have the goddamn decency to try and be consistent. Try to transition to your opposite points then maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious. Oh I am sorry I forgot you are too stupid for that. You are so stupid I am amazed that you can even read your lines.
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Big 3 or the Big Nothing

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on December 9, 2008

There has been a hot debate over whether or not the government should bail out the big three. What is the other option? How would losing three million relativly well paying jobs help anyone?
What about the knock on effects? People buy cars and the people that make the cars buy stuff, the people who work at the dealerships buy things.The people who provide the goods and services purchased by those people buy more goods and services so forth and so on. We are often tempted to stop the discussion at the first and more recognizable order of consequences.X number of jobs are lost because of a plant closing. But how many jobs are lost or cut back down the street?

A Governor from a state with large Japanese auto presence has been heard to say so what if big three go, I am quite happy with the Japanese manufacturers.Perhaps the big three deserve to go out of business. He doesn’t realize that eventually the ripple will get to other states and hurt the sales of cars made in his state. No man and no industry is an island.

Let us not forget about the banks we put all the money into. Wasn’t one of the reasons we did so was so that people could buy cars ? Yes plenty of cars will still be for sale that is not really the point. There will be millions of fewer consumers able to buy and more still to afraid to do so.

Congress tends to question when it should act and act when it should question they have it ass backwards. Are we just to have a banking system and nothing else? People can get loans just to stare at the paper work and brag about their line of credit and waste it on pointless crap from Sharper Image oh wait didn’t they already go out of business?

Also,how could we be a serious industrial power with a manufacturing base swiftly shrinking down to nothing? We can’t. One of the reasons it was so urgent to save the financial industry is that it makes up FORTY percent of the economy. That is right just swishing money around from one place to another is 40% of the US economy. Wow. It was almost the perfect symbiosis wall street makes the loans main street buys what Detroit sells, then wall street sells derivative based on a package of loans and so for and so on. No wall street goes bust and pulls Detroit down with it.

Save your comments I know that the auto industry has its own issues. Their main problem has been a refusal to change and thwarting all real efforts for more responsible products that it is a whole other post. The fact is their were selling this bad products just fine until recently. I am not going to try an untangle a business model that somehow sells all over the world but still manages to hardly turn a profit.But they were selling because consumers were trading in perfectly good cars for newer ones and now they are deciding to hold on to the one they have.

There is one more thing to consider. The democrats has just started regaining ground in states they have been losing ever since civil rights. Do they want to let auto industry go bust?Of course this is a complex problem with many causes and factors. However, you know in 2012 the Republican candidate will say it was the democratic controlled congress and president(even though he isn’t in office yet) that let the auto industry fail.Can’t you just see the slogans built around this already? This will be a gut shot that the democrats cannot afford after narrowly winning Virginia they can’t turn around and lose Michigan and Ohio or other rust belt states.

They need to save the big three but ask the right questions and get out of them all the things they had been resisting for fifty years. For the good of the nation. The retooling and greening of the auto industry can help the nation and world as a whole and create even more jobs. Perhaps they will even rename their region, I mean who the hell wants to live in the rust belt? Wouldn’t you rather live in the new belt or the green belt?

First things first save the big three.

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Go to hell Campbell Brown.

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Go to hell Campbell Brown!

After president-elect Obama said the digging and stirring was fun for the press Ms. Brown on her no bias no bull segment went off on him. You know very well he just said what everyone of rational sound mind knows to be true. The press likes to stir up a stink and mangify issues out of proportion when its easiest and get mileage out of it.  The real problem is that they do not stir up the right stink at the right time about the right thing. Obama picks someone who worked for Clinton lets spend minutes upon minutes talking about it and mining it for meaning. President tries to lead us to war hey hey did you see the latest celebrity gossip oh well this just in pretty child missing.

Hey what about all the children that will be missing very shortly. Missing from thanksgiving missing from anniversary’s and birthdays some missing forever.I will just put a magnet on my car. Thats how I show my support. Not by doing my job.

Nah we can’t be bothered to ask penetrating questions about that.Here are some good ones you could have asked. Mr Vice President in 94 you said taking out Saddam would lead to a quagmire and now you say it would be easy peesy. Care to explain? Mr Secretary of Defense you went to Baghdad after one of the atrocities you so love to mention so often and told him what a great friend he was to the U.S. Oh don’t remember? Roll the clip. What do they teach in journalism school? Over analysis of minutiae and practiced obtuseness perhaps.

It is is worth discussion who Mr.Obama will put in his cabinet but on each persons merits. Hey here is a nugget for you Obama has economists in positions that bush now has lawyers working on the economy.  Also, get this anyone with experience in running a government agency who is a democrat will almost certainly have worked in Clinton admin in some capacity. It does not mean that President Obama doesn’t represent change. It means he is hamstrung by the fact that Bill Clinton was the first two term democratic president since FDR. Yes only one democrat in over 70 years has in his own right won two terms as president. The last democratic admin before that ended 28 years ago and was a dismal failure. The pickens they are slim. So media back off on whether or not this means change the just wait and see.

After the victory

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It is over. It’s finally over. I remember Olbermann saying things like 110 days till the 2008 presidential election and grimacing because it seems impossibly far away.

Then on the campaign trail I remember hearing Obama say 18 days is an eternity and that anything could happen and that it isn’t over until it is over. Well he was right. It was an eternity and it wasn’t over until the last mud ball was slung. But it did end. Or did it. He told us the press was eager to write the John McCain comeback story and that we couldn’t’ let up or give any hint that we thought it was over. Well we took his words to heart and we didn’t let up for  second. We keep right on knocking even after the doors were slammed in our face and after a few people were chased down the street. Or in my case had the cops called on me. We kept calling even when people threw unsubstantiated and ridiculous rumors in our face about our candidate. No we did not let up not for a second. There would be no McCain come back this time, the mac would not be back, the staighttalk express would pull into the garage for the last time. His luck had finally run out the rumors of his political demise would be no exaggeration.

We held our breath at every attack or contradictory poll. Would it work? No we could not allow it. We would not let our man fail. We would make Rudy and the Baracuda sorry they ever mocked the power of communities. It was our communities that won this election,not Barack Obama. This is why I say it is not over. Merely the first(overlong)chapter has concluded. The power of these communities will not just be put away. The intensity of the campaign forged bonds between neighbors. The kind of bonds that  can only be made through shared experience and struggle. Will the election of President Obama usher in a better America? I would say that it already has. People who lived in communities for years and were only marginally aware of their surroundings now know every street from knocking on doors. They know  their neighbors from working hours on end to coordinate the get out the vote efforts or organizing canvassing shifts and from using their home as headquarters before the national campaign arrived.

It never occurred to me when I traveled to a battleground state that I would become attached to this new place. It was the sense of community drew me in and made it so hard to leave. People in these communities will not be able to go back to their old ways. This campaign drew them out of their comfortable suburban homes and into a common purpose. Insularity lost paradise found. Not only did they meet their neighbors they met people form around the country,hosting them in their homes and getting to know them as if they were family. It was an accidental culture exchange without anyone leaving their own country.

We also spoke to people from different backgrounds and people who did not agree with us,some more reasonable than others. However, in many cases we built respect even when we did not change minds we showed that civil discourse still has a place in America. Many conversations ended with I don’t agree with you but…. We could see ourselves reflected in one another and not feel that we were all that strange after all. We might have different view points but we all want in our own way what is best for America and that we are all patriots and not demons or angels. We are all the same, we are all just people lucky enough to be in America.

5 days and a wake up!!!

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Okay normally I would resist posting personal experiences but this is a special case. We have 5 days and one wakeup to make a difference. I had this conversation with two republicans yesterday I ended up talking to them because they made derisive comments as I walked by. They were ready to be dismissive until they found out I was a veteran. Then they began to listen.  Veterans we have a huge role to fill for those of you reading this( I am the veterans organizer in Jefferson county CO). They changed their tone and demeanor once they found out that I was a Veteran. I don’t think I moved them but I gave them food for thought. I did shame them on one thing.

They recited every last talking point from Ayers,socialism then  to he’s a Muslim.Its almost as if they get plugged in to download these from the mainframe. I heard a new wrinkle this person said he didn’t like Obama because his mother was an atheist who had him out of wedlock and then proceeded to raise her son as a Muslim. All not true.

I responded by reminding them that we fought these wars for Muslims its called Iraqi freedom(in theory) isn’t? Then I proceeded to point out that when when he said Muslim he really was talking about the .001% that might be jihadist. I reminded him that there are  alot of good Muslims. To which one responded that his daughter married ” a good one” who wasn’t then I pointed out that he could have been an just as big an SOB if he was a christian of any denomination.

This whole exchange just brought it home for me how much work we have left to do. Get out there volunteer doing something, talk to people who might be on the fence. Make sure our supporters vote. We have to counteract people like these two men,spreading every smear that comes out. These two gentlemen seemed upper class and articulate they almost certainly have  a large circle of acquaintances. We aren’t done. Veterans(if you aren’t one make they read this or just volunteer)we need to get out there and talk to people like this who might be more persuadable. More importantly we can’t let them get to our potential supporters and sway them in the other direction. Run to your nearest Campaign for change office. Time now move!

12 days and a wakeup !!

Posted in Politics, Truth by simpletruthiness on October 22, 2008

12 days can be an eternity. Every service member remembers that old cadence. You know the one I mean. 6 more weeks And I’ll be through. Then you insert your favorite activities(ok Drill’s favorite mockeries). Now we should all be singing 12 more days and we’ll be through.I remember when 12 days was a really long time. In politics it is an eternity.The same way you need to run hard at the end no matter how bad you want to half step,that is what we need to do now. We need to keep it up, don’t let off for a second. When you sense the KO coming you don’t stop swinging.

We need to come out for Senator Obama. General Powell  went against his party and was basically ostracized instantly. The judgment and intelligence of man who rose form a public school ROTC program to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff was called into question. Just as unlikely a life as coming from a broken family on public assistance to the presidency.What does he know? Powell and Obama both represent the best in America. The America every service member puts on the uniform for.

No one puts their hand up to swear to defend the privileged and the few, those lucky enough to be born into a dynasty. We swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The constitution has been under assault for the last eight years from domestic enemies. Our oath compels us to defend America’s guiding document and the ideals it represents. The ideal that gives the son of Jamaican immigrants the chance to raise up and become something. No one can say to them I am sorry your daddy didn’t wear four stars so you are out of luck. They represent the best of America. That which we should all aspire too. I am hoping everyone can find it in themselves to volunteer during 12 days that remain. We don’t want to wake up on Nov 5th and find that we have failed our best ideals. We don’t want to wake up to find that our that children will not have the same opportunities that General Powell and Senator Obama had or that we have had.  The constitution cannot withstand another four years of constant attack. There is no time but now. Without this victory there is no future. GO VOLUNTEER NOW!! VOTE!!