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Memorial Day: Did you know that Cavalry men get their own kind of Valhalla

Posted in Politics, Truth by simpletruthiness on May 25, 2009
This is an old poem that no one really knows the origin of, but I sort of like it if you ain’t Cav you ain’t… I like the idea that my buddies are having a drink with all the Cavalry men who have gone before.

Halfway down the trail to Hell,
In a shady meadow green
Are the Souls of all dead troopers camped,
Near a good old-time canteen.
And this eternal resting place
Is known as Fiddlers’ Green.

Marching past, straight through to Hell
The Infantry are seen.
Accompanied by the Engineers,
Artillery and Marines,
For none but the shades of Cavalrymen
Dismount at Fiddlers’ Green.

Though some go curving down the trail
To seek a warmer scene.
No trooper ever gets to Hell
Ere he’s emptied his canteen.
And so rides back to drink again
With friends at Fiddlers’ Green.

And so when man and horse go down
Beneath a saber keen,
Or in a roaring charge of fierce melee
You stop a bullet clean,
And the hostiles come to get your scalp,
Just empty your canteen,
And put your pistol to your head
And go to Fiddlers’ Green.

For PFC. Jeremiah Smith
Cpt Lief Knott
SSG Christopher Moudry
SFC Jason Bishop
SSG Chad Caldwell
SGT Joseph Blanco
SSG Roger Turner
1SG McGinnis


12 days and a wakeup !!

Posted in Politics, Truth by simpletruthiness on October 22, 2008

12 days can be an eternity. Every service member remembers that old cadence. You know the one I mean. 6 more weeks And I’ll be through. Then you insert your favorite activities(ok Drill’s favorite mockeries). Now we should all be singing 12 more days and we’ll be through.I remember when 12 days was a really long time. In politics it is an eternity.The same way you need to run hard at the end no matter how bad you want to half step,that is what we need to do now. We need to keep it up, don’t let off for a second. When you sense the KO coming you don’t stop swinging.

We need to come out for Senator Obama. General Powell  went against his party and was basically ostracized instantly. The judgment and intelligence of man who rose form a public school ROTC program to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff was called into question. Just as unlikely a life as coming from a broken family on public assistance to the presidency.What does he know? Powell and Obama both represent the best in America. The America every service member puts on the uniform for.

No one puts their hand up to swear to defend the privileged and the few, those lucky enough to be born into a dynasty. We swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The constitution has been under assault for the last eight years from domestic enemies. Our oath compels us to defend America’s guiding document and the ideals it represents. The ideal that gives the son of Jamaican immigrants the chance to raise up and become something. No one can say to them I am sorry your daddy didn’t wear four stars so you are out of luck. They represent the best of America. That which we should all aspire too. I am hoping everyone can find it in themselves to volunteer during 12 days that remain. We don’t want to wake up on Nov 5th and find that we have failed our best ideals. We don’t want to wake up to find that our that children will not have the same opportunities that General Powell and Senator Obama had or that we have had.  The constitution cannot withstand another four years of constant attack. There is no time but now. Without this victory there is no future. GO VOLUNTEER NOW!! VOTE!!

Doing a heckva Johnny!!

Posted in Politics, Truth, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on September 18, 2008

Could this week have gone worse for John McCain? Hey it is only thursday. I feel as if Obama missed his chance for a great zinger that could have gone viral on cable news. McCain bragged about having oversight as Chairman of Commerce Committee of the whole economy. You mean as in oversight of banking and insurance for those banks….. Of course the cable news missed this falling on sword moment.. or was it. It’s obvious that John McCain thought he was touting his credentials to fix this mess and just failed to realize he just implicated himself as the one(of many) who knocked over the milk jug.  No one else really made the connection or asked the obvious questions such as… So you were supposed to be minding the store and you did what instead?…. Or so when you mean there must be more oversight which you opposed for 26 years you mean that you yourself should have been LOOKING. However, through your lack of knowledge,imagination or competence said heh the market will tend to itself. Yes and 6 year olds left unattended in a candy story won’t get a stomach ache. An unrepentant alchie left in  bar over night won’t drink too much right?

Obama did pick up on these unspoken questions to say nice job John McCain. He missed a golden opportunity. He should have said, “You’re doing a hechva Johnny!. It would have tied him to Bush and the horse whisperer Micheal Brown. The best part would be the constant replay on cable news. Make that work for you Barack.  Can’t you see the analysis. What did he mean? Well lets looks a McCain’s record this comparison can’t possibly be accurate. (McCain advisers off stage waving hands screaming NOOOOOOOO!) Then everyone goes ohhhh. He was for what? He said that? Wow. I thought he knew what he was doing.  I mean he constantly tells us he knows what he’s doing. So does his base uh I mean the press.  It must be true. Turns out not so much. Hey lets look at what John McCain did during last banking scandal. Please lets air out the dirty laundry from the Keating five.
Today it comes to light that he was completely confused during an interview and thought Spain was in Latin America and its prime minister was an adversary of the United States. It seems that he confused Spain with Venezuela based on context clues. Can’t you see the bank lobbyists on his staff helping his foreign policy guy in Georgia’s pocket looking under the chair for McCain’s marbles while the Secret service Agents search the double talk express for his lucky feather. Oh I was just on no mention of this episode anyway. It’s not important really,if a man vying to be president understands who our allies and adversaries are. Nah.He also doesn’t seem to know what his own committee does or that  the Commerce Committee doesn’t regulate Canadian technology(Blackberry). He also doesn’t know that the president can’t fire the SEC chairman.

It is refreshing to see McCain getting more scrutiny. Perhaps we can have a campaign about things that matter after all . McCain has betrayed himself and many in them media who believed in him. As the talking heads try to make sense of the death of John McCain’s myth;Cindy pops a fist full of pills then hands the bottle to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity cuts his own wrists.

If you have never read Salman Rushdie I would recommend it. One of my favorite quotes from the Satanic Verses,” there is no man more bitter than one who finds he has been believing in a ghost.” You’re doing a heckva job Johnny!

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Posted in Politics, Truth by simpletruthiness on September 11, 2008

Notice the quote isn’t prevaricate or bloviate against the dying of the light. America is the light and its flame is flickering. We are on a precipece. I believe if we make the wrong decisions our decline will be irreversible. So what is Barack Obama to do. He is right to demand  a focus on the issues. But he needs to be forceful about.It is not enough to decry the trivia that is becoming the topic of the day while our great nation decays. You must make people feel that it is wrong on a fundamental level.

Step two don’t go down to that level. If they want to make it about charachter rather than issues or about periphery topics. Fine. It John McCain on Phil Gramm, Charlie Black and Rick Davis.  Hit McCain on his honor.Do not allow him to get away with decrying the evil of lobbyist while employing some of the worst offenders. Make people underdstand the roles of Rick Davis as lobbyist for Freddie and Fannie and Gramm as Senator and employee of UBS in the current crisis. Let everyone know that Charlie Black represented the military junt of Mynmar among other lovely personalites.

This begs the two questions. First how can we trust McCain when he is surrounded by the very people he told us to despise? Second how can we trust him to lead us wisely if he is getting advice from the exact same people who fought for the policies that have so recently failed us? I describe Phil Gramm as the guy you would blame for current economic woes if you had to blame just one person. He wa the biggest cheerleader and lawmaker for deregulating mortage(along with Davis) and dergulating energy trading.This is all verifiable fact. We have only scratched the surface. I know Obama wants to talk about the future and that noble but if McCain wants to talk about the past lets do that but lets bring the bar up a bit and talk bout things that matter but have been undiscussed. The People should know who would be advising the president especially when their track record has been so poor and spectaularly so. How can he reform anything to the benefit of the American peope when he is only getting advice from people out to enrich the 1 perecent hav they have done so beautifully.  He can’t. He wouldn’t know how. Hey Phill how do i fix this? How the hell should I know John? I never gave any thought to anyone outside of my own rolodex.

Hit McCain on his claims to honor and remind people that he has recently forgotten the defintion of this concept his entire candiacy is built on. Asked in a time magazine interview to define honor and his mood “turned visibly sour” and he refused to define it,instead he referred the interviewer to the five books he wrote. Except he didn’t write those books,Mark Salter did. If we really wanted to get frivilous we could say how is that whenever John McCain speaks in his own voice it is always about killing or disrespecting his wife in public or telling some blue joke far far worse than lipstick. Or we could say how is that someone who has spent 26 years crafting  a legend about themself using a ghost writer and not so strategitc but I was POW cover fire ever critize someone else about trying to project an image.

They cannot win on the issues. They certianly cannot win on guilt by association.They cannot even win on scurrilous attacks they are just hoping Obama won’t go there, as well he should not. There are ample and TRUE lines of attack if Obama wanted to go there. People ask were is Obamas rage. It is deep inside where it belongs, we will see it.  I think he is saving it for debates which to my mind is more honorable because then you can look your enemy in the face. Make no mistake this trivia machine we call the camapign is the enemy of America and its general is John McCain.

Reform my ass! We have had enough of your kind of change.

Posted in Politics, Truth, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on September 5, 2008

When people hear the words reform or change they think of positive things. So when McCain/Palin offer these things you naturally think positive thoughts. Too bad this notion doesn’t hold up to inspection. Lets tackle this ridiculous notion of the beauty queen as reformer. Her and Mr. 911 laughed at community service so we have free license to laugh at beauty queens.

She reformed Wasilla from having a balanced budget to having a 22 million dollar deficit. She also reformed the take code, to benefit corporations and raised sales takes. She also tried to reform/change the Library. Apparently there were books in there with information contrary to her narrow world view. She and her husband also wanted to reform/change the American flag by taking one star off of it. Alaska being first and all. She fired the Police chief because he tried to make the bars close three hours earlier from 5am to 2am to cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents. The bar owners were one of her major contributers. Then she was forced to reform/change the way the city was administered. After a recall attempt due to all the firings she was forced to take on a city manager to handle many of the day to day tasks. There is  a record to run on. The republicans keep practicing  this spoon bending shit where if we just say something no matter how untrue long enough and ignore the external evidence long enough we can have reality our way.

It is hard to argue that you are against the good ole boys system, when you are hooked up with their mascot.She directed a 527 group for Ted Stevens with the help of Steve Silver a known Abramoff associate.She then proceeded to beg for the same earmarks McCain has railed against as  center piece not only of his campaign but one of this mantras of the last few years.  Wasilla received $11.9 million in earmarks from 2000 to 2003 according to the LA Times. That is for a town of about 5-6 thousand at the time. Do the math that is more than New York gets per person for terrorism prevention. That is about two thousand dollars per person. During the same time frame New York and Long island got about 40-50 bucks a person.

Once she became governor she practiced the Bush human resource model. Fire everyone who might actually know what they are doing or disagree with you and replace with loyalists. There was a bizarre incident with the state dairy association where she fired the whole board because they gave her some bad news,then replaced them and then after more money was wasted they new board came to the same conclusion as the old. She said she was against the good ole boys but all she did was replace then with a new crop loyal to her. I maintain this is all reform/change as in the form has been altered but not in the positive.(okay sometimes only the names change)

The republicans had the balls to blame liberals for what is wrong with Washington. Hmm Lets see they have been in charge of between two thirds to three thirds for 14 years. Clinton in his governance was centrist. They  controlled both houses and the white house now the democrats have a meaning less majority in the Senate.  Then they tried to seize the change mantle. What the hell? This is trying to bend every spoon in the drawer and should be commended for its shear audacity.  What they failed to mention of course is that they have been changing Washington. As I have said earlier we just assume change=good.It does not.

The republicans(neo-cons). Have been fantastically effective change agents. They managed to change John McCain from someone respectable in many ways into a cruel mockery of himself. He has flipped on almost every issue except war. Well we know why that is, the neo-cons love war. That is why they are so hot for Sarah Palin, she is young and superconservative but her background makes her appear different from George Bush and crew. She is a trojan horse.Bush IV.

The republicans have changed our budget from a balanced one to skyrocketing deficits. Most people don’t know that 80% of our deficit has been acquired under republicans. This change the value of our dollar. As we sell bonds to China to finance our ill advised wars the value of the dollar declines. This CHANGES the well being of the very same Americans they claim to be working for. They reformed/changed our mortgage industry. Hey what happened there? They changed how our energy futures are traded. HMM. Noticing a pattern here? They are telling the truth when they claim to want change just not what kind or who said change will benefit. McCain wants to change the tax code. His “changes” will save him personally about 337,000 a year. Obama’s tax plan will cost him an average of 220,000 more.

Lets see what else have they changed? The Constitution,just by ignoring it hard enough. Oh year our standing in the world. We have become the biggest asshole in the room that simply can’t be ignored. Any other country in the world and we would be a pariah. They had the nerve to say to Russia that in the 21st century nations don’t invade nations.Iraq was a nation. Saddam wasn’t a nice person, neither is the King of Saudi Arabia.  They squandered everything that has ever been built by the power of our example. I am not naive. I know that no government anywhere has ever lived up to the same standard of morality we hold to individuals. But damn it we used to try and we got a closer to the ideal than most. My great grandfather didn’t die in WWII so we could have Guantanamo bay. His son didn’t fight in the Korean war so we could lose everything that makes us what we are.Yes, the republican(neo-cons) have changed a great deal. They have fattened their wallets while multiplying our enemies and destroying everything previous generations have stood for, and John McCain himself has stood for. This is sad indeed. But hey its change.,0,2482434.story