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Boehner: Memos Outline “Torture Techniques”

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on April 23, 2009

This is good because it make it that much harder for him to stand in the way of getting justice. I also hope that picture on main page is him talking about it because he looks sad and disappointed in his former leaders. We can use that. It is a matter of law. The law was broken. This cannot be allowed to stand. If we prosecute in good faith its a blow to out enemies. Everything that makes it harder for them to recruit and carry out their hateful mission is a victory. A big victory is just a bunch of small ones put together over time. Think about all the hours and hours of practice and little league and junior varsity games that go into a split second clutch play in the Superbowl. It matters. We show the world that we are not what they were told it will be powerful. How much less violence might there be if the world’s citizens knew that there would be justice in the end? Let’s find out.
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