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Homeland Security Report Warns Of Rising Right-Wing Extremism

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on April 15, 2009

For the record I am an Iraq Vet, combat arms 19D. If something  goes down I am firmly on the side of the president and the Constitution to which I swore an oath. It wasn’t to Glock or Fox news. Goddamn Glen Beck and crew are shouting fire in a crowded theater full of angry irritated people. This is not protected. You cannot make endless accusations that have no merit that can easily be used to stir up enmity and advocate raising up at the duly elected government of the United States. Where is all the tyranny of which you speak? Fairer taxes? Leaving Iraq? Exposing Bush terror memos? Closing gitmo and banning torture?Creating green jobs and investing in roads? Oh god with tax money. Hey dick that is what taxes are for. So that society can pool its resources and help out said society as a whole. Oh not whats the root word of society lead to oh my god noooo Socialism. I tell yall what why don’t you opt out of taxes and if you house catches fire the Fire department will send you a bill. Or if you get robbed the police won’t come out until they check to see if your account is in good standing.
The taxes under Obama will go down for most of these people. He has also championed and put into place greater transparency in spending even before he became president. Wow. All that nasty social spending is on things we need. But you know that. You have just tricked all these poor people many of whom should be at work or looking for same into doing your dirty work. So that you can keep more your money. Selfishness personified while pretending to do the right thing. Don’t be fooled kids it is Socialism that they want in reality only for them they want society to subsidise their well off life style and bail out their contributors. They want capitalism(i.e.opportunties to fail) for you and you don’t have the money or opportunity thanks to their buddies to take advantage of capitalism. That is what I would call a raw deal. Please don’t fall for it. Thanks.


Third Generation combat vet whose great-grandfather died in WWII.
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