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Fox News Reporter: Wake Up And Fight The Fascism In Our Country (VIDEO)

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on April 15, 2009

What is fascism? They are confusing me. Probably because they are confusing buzz words for ideas. Where is the big fascism in the stimulus package?Green energy so we can stop funding certain regimes in the middle east. Evil fascist bridges that won’t fall down. Please point to one policy in this plan that meets any definition(by this i mean look it up first) of facisim. By all means if we are going in that direction explain it to me. The kids with the deficit signs that is some low blow stuff considering the same people did jack when 80% of said deficit was accumulated under Bushes and Regan. If they had been against it then i’d actually respect them. This is pure theater pulled by the real fascists, they are trying to thwart the will of the people. President Obama won by a significant margin. One of the biggest ever for a non-imcumbant. Get over it. Formulate real ideas or shut the hell up.
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Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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