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Posted in Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on March 13, 2009

Recently in response to the GOP criticism of of his spending plans President Obama brought up the example of 1937 when FDR gave in to such crictism and the economy suffered.
I wish he would tell Rep. Boner (Boehner can be pronounced Boner just as easily) where to go and to take creepy uncle McConnell with him. Where do the people who have been wrong about everything constantly get off on offering advice non stop?

Spending freeze? Yes because too much money in the economy is the problem. These cats are always against direct government spending. Dont‘ transfer the peoples wealth to them transfer it to contractors where it can find its way to superwealthy so it can trickle back done again duh. The difference is you spend three times as much and get dubious results,Iraq,Katrina and on and on.

The next time these unimaginable assholes start talking about something hurting families and small business. I wish the president would say fuck you. You don’t give a fuck about families or small business. You have spent your whole elected life molesting them. Your polices tilt the playing field towards giant business and make it harder for working families to prosper. Sure you do this in the name of fiscal discipline and competitiveness but that is just an excuse because when it comes time to kill someone or lock them up the budget be damned. When it comes time to award fat no bid contracts that bleed us dry and fail to produce this mythical efficiency and effectiveness the private sector is allegedly so good at well that just has to be done in the name of ___ (fill in the blank).

Mr.President while you are at it explain to them that Jack Bauer isn’t real and  that Atlas Shrugged is a work of fiction and that it is childish and intellectually disingenuous to suggest these as examples to be followed. I hope that your administration will continune to follow historical and reality based examples you know the ones subject to real world variables as opposed to plot devices and story considerations. Also, remember the people sqawking have been wrong,alot.


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