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Rush Limbaugh: “I Think Obama Wants Me To Fail”

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on January 26, 2009

Of course he does you pompous hypocrite. You are an ignorance monger. Thats right I made up something new. You play off peoples ignorance,insecurities and base instincts and try to pass it off as insight. You sir are a disgusting embarrassment to all that is decent in America. Where do you derive your moral authority from? Is it built up with each dose of pills? From pulling the wings off butter flies?Mocking the sick as you did with Michael J. Fox? How can someone be so obtuse that they can pivot from one sick point to another and never even pause to notice the cognitive dissonance. Eight years you cry its wrong, immoral and treasonous to question the president in a time of war,yet you say you want the new president to fail in this most perilous times. Just for the record you are wrong all over sometimes the president needs to be questions. But at least have the goddamn decency to try and be consistent. Try to transition to your opposite points then maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious. Oh I am sorry I forgot you are too stupid for that. You are so stupid I am amazed that you can even read your lines.
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