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Go to hell Campbell Brown.

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on December 4, 2008

Go to hell Campbell Brown!

After president-elect Obama said the digging and stirring was fun for the press Ms. Brown on her no bias no bull segment went off on him. You know very well he just said what everyone of rational sound mind knows to be true. The press likes to stir up a stink and mangify issues out of proportion when its easiest and get mileage out of it.  The real problem is that they do not stir up the right stink at the right time about the right thing. Obama picks someone who worked for Clinton lets spend minutes upon minutes talking about it and mining it for meaning. President tries to lead us to war hey hey did you see the latest celebrity gossip oh well this just in pretty child missing.

Hey what about all the children that will be missing very shortly. Missing from thanksgiving missing from anniversary’s and birthdays some missing forever.I will just put a magnet on my car. Thats how I show my support. Not by doing my job.

Nah we can’t be bothered to ask penetrating questions about that.Here are some good ones you could have asked. Mr Vice President in 94 you said taking out Saddam would lead to a quagmire and now you say it would be easy peesy. Care to explain? Mr Secretary of Defense you went to Baghdad after one of the atrocities you so love to mention so often and told him what a great friend he was to the U.S. Oh don’t remember? Roll the clip. What do they teach in journalism school? Over analysis of minutiae and practiced obtuseness perhaps.

It is is worth discussion who Mr.Obama will put in his cabinet but on each persons merits. Hey here is a nugget for you Obama has economists in positions that bush now has lawyers working on the economy.  Also, get this anyone with experience in running a government agency who is a democrat will almost certainly have worked in Clinton admin in some capacity. It does not mean that President Obama doesn’t represent change. It means he is hamstrung by the fact that Bill Clinton was the first two term democratic president since FDR. Yes only one democrat in over 70 years has in his own right won two terms as president. The last democratic admin before that ended 28 years ago and was a dismal failure. The pickens they are slim. So media back off on whether or not this means change the just wait and see.


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