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After the victory

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on November 12, 2008

It is over. It’s finally over. I remember Olbermann saying things like 110 days till the 2008 presidential election and grimacing because it seems impossibly far away.

Then on the campaign trail I remember hearing Obama say 18 days is an eternity and that anything could happen and that it isn’t over until it is over. Well he was right. It was an eternity and it wasn’t over until the last mud ball was slung. But it did end. Or did it. He told us the press was eager to write the John McCain comeback story and that we couldn’t’ let up or give any hint that we thought it was over. Well we took his words to heart and we didn’t let up for  second. We keep right on knocking even after the doors were slammed in our face and after a few people were chased down the street. Or in my case had the cops called on me. We kept calling even when people threw unsubstantiated and ridiculous rumors in our face about our candidate. No we did not let up not for a second. There would be no McCain come back this time, the mac would not be back, the staighttalk express would pull into the garage for the last time. His luck had finally run out the rumors of his political demise would be no exaggeration.

We held our breath at every attack or contradictory poll. Would it work? No we could not allow it. We would not let our man fail. We would make Rudy and the Baracuda sorry they ever mocked the power of communities. It was our communities that won this election,not Barack Obama. This is why I say it is not over. Merely the first(overlong)chapter has concluded. The power of these communities will not just be put away. The intensity of the campaign forged bonds between neighbors. The kind of bonds that  can only be made through shared experience and struggle. Will the election of President Obama usher in a better America? I would say that it already has. People who lived in communities for years and were only marginally aware of their surroundings now know every street from knocking on doors. They know  their neighbors from working hours on end to coordinate the get out the vote efforts or organizing canvassing shifts and from using their home as headquarters before the national campaign arrived.

It never occurred to me when I traveled to a battleground state that I would become attached to this new place. It was the sense of community drew me in and made it so hard to leave. People in these communities will not be able to go back to their old ways. This campaign drew them out of their comfortable suburban homes and into a common purpose. Insularity lost paradise found. Not only did they meet their neighbors they met people form around the country,hosting them in their homes and getting to know them as if they were family. It was an accidental culture exchange without anyone leaving their own country.

We also spoke to people from different backgrounds and people who did not agree with us,some more reasonable than others. However, in many cases we built respect even when we did not change minds we showed that civil discourse still has a place in America. Many conversations ended with I don’t agree with you but…. We could see ourselves reflected in one another and not feel that we were all that strange after all. We might have different view points but we all want in our own way what is best for America and that we are all patriots and not demons or angels. We are all the same, we are all just people lucky enough to be in America.


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