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5 days and a wake up!!!

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on October 29, 2008

Okay normally I would resist posting personal experiences but this is a special case. We have 5 days and one wakeup to make a difference. I had this conversation with two republicans yesterday I ended up talking to them because they made derisive comments as I walked by. They were ready to be dismissive until they found out I was a veteran. Then they began to listen.  Veterans we have a huge role to fill for those of you reading this( I am the veterans organizer in Jefferson county CO). They changed their tone and demeanor once they found out that I was a Veteran. I don’t think I moved them but I gave them food for thought. I did shame them on one thing.

They recited every last talking point from Ayers,socialism then  to he’s a Muslim.Its almost as if they get plugged in to download these from the mainframe. I heard a new wrinkle this person said he didn’t like Obama because his mother was an atheist who had him out of wedlock and then proceeded to raise her son as a Muslim. All not true.

I responded by reminding them that we fought these wars for Muslims its called Iraqi freedom(in theory) isn’t? Then I proceeded to point out that when when he said Muslim he really was talking about the .001% that might be jihadist. I reminded him that there are  alot of good Muslims. To which one responded that his daughter married ” a good one” who wasn’t then I pointed out that he could have been an just as big an SOB if he was a christian of any denomination.

This whole exchange just brought it home for me how much work we have left to do. Get out there volunteer doing something, talk to people who might be on the fence. Make sure our supporters vote. We have to counteract people like these two men,spreading every smear that comes out. These two gentlemen seemed upper class and articulate they almost certainly have  a large circle of acquaintances. We aren’t done. Veterans(if you aren’t one make they read this or just volunteer)we need to get out there and talk to people like this who might be more persuadable. More importantly we can’t let them get to our potential supporters and sway them in the other direction. Run to your nearest Campaign for change office. Time now move!


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