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A campaign too small. Thoughts from the campaign trail

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on October 11, 2008

I am on the campaign trail for Obama in Colorado a state that has not been democrat since 1992. That seems like a  really long time its been a long eight years. I am organizing and recruiting volunteers to get out the vote by persuading undecided and sporadic dems who might think their state is too red.

I am telling you that is a fallacy. I have heard more from former republicans than just about anything else.No zealot like a convert they say. There are also people who are deeply disappointed in John McCain. I spoke to a gentlemen yesterday of about 55 or so and the first thing he said to me after I introduced myself was that he was leaning back and forth the second thing he said was with this pained disappointed look he told me that John McCain had become his own worst enemy. He also went on to say that he was initially against Obama because of his youth but was now leaning in his direction because of how he had conducted himself.I could tell that he was so disappointed.

There was also the reformed republican who came into our office to get information for his boss who was leaning but was worried about paying more taxes on his business. So we gave him Obamas small business plans along with tax information and independent information regarding Obamas over all economic plans and how people from around the world see his prospects of steering the economy back on to the right track.

I am personally saddened by the downward turn of the McCain/Palin campaign. How can you allow the crowd to scream kill him. He is a terrorist. Why are we becoming less civilized. This is a sad turn for someone who promised a dignified campaign. Todays attempts to tamp down the building racial furor seems like too little too late. Why not speak up the first time you hear these kinds of things. You don’t smile.This is reprehensible. If McCain makes a point to correct each instance than he can be forgiven.If he does it at a small venue on friday afternoon which is notorious for dumping statements you don’t want to actually get out it its obviously a ploy to build deniability

The worst part of all is that this is not a discussion the McCain camp can even win. John McCain sat on a board known for right wing extremists,racists and anti-Semites. Palin was associated with a party advocating succession founded by a man saying things such as my the fires of hell are  frozen glacier compared to my hatred for the United States.This man is a man who was killed in a botched plastic explosives buy.Hmm that sounds like something on a terrorist’s shopping list.

This is not what people who are hurting want to hear about. They want to know how the next president will deal with all these issues facing the country. McCains people have stated their intention to change the topic. This is a gross insult to the American people. We need to be talking about things that matter,things that are real. Not a middle name that the candidate did not choose which is the most common middle name inthe world or a tennous overstated and over analized connection to someone who commited crimes when the candidate was 8. This is utterly ridiculous. McCain was supposed to be a bigger man than this.We deserve more.


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