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Doing a heckva Johnny!!

Posted in Politics, Truth, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on September 18, 2008

Could this week have gone worse for John McCain? Hey it is only thursday. I feel as if Obama missed his chance for a great zinger that could have gone viral on cable news. McCain bragged about having oversight as Chairman of Commerce Committee of the whole economy. You mean as in oversight of banking and insurance for those banks….. Of course the cable news missed this falling on sword moment.. or was it. It’s obvious that John McCain thought he was touting his credentials to fix this mess and just failed to realize he just implicated himself as the one(of many) who knocked over the milk jug.  No one else really made the connection or asked the obvious questions such as… So you were supposed to be minding the store and you did what instead?…. Or so when you mean there must be more oversight which you opposed for 26 years you mean that you yourself should have been LOOKING. However, through your lack of knowledge,imagination or competence said heh the market will tend to itself. Yes and 6 year olds left unattended in a candy story won’t get a stomach ache. An unrepentant alchie left in  bar over night won’t drink too much right?

Obama did pick up on these unspoken questions to say nice job John McCain. He missed a golden opportunity. He should have said, “You’re doing a hechva Johnny!. It would have tied him to Bush and the horse whisperer Micheal Brown. The best part would be the constant replay on cable news. Make that work for you Barack.  Can’t you see the analysis. What did he mean? Well lets looks a McCain’s record this comparison can’t possibly be accurate. (McCain advisers off stage waving hands screaming NOOOOOOOO!) Then everyone goes ohhhh. He was for what? He said that? Wow. I thought he knew what he was doing.  I mean he constantly tells us he knows what he’s doing. So does his base uh I mean the press.  It must be true. Turns out not so much. Hey lets look at what John McCain did during last banking scandal. Please lets air out the dirty laundry from the Keating five.
Today it comes to light that he was completely confused during an interview and thought Spain was in Latin America and its prime minister was an adversary of the United States. It seems that he confused Spain with Venezuela based on context clues. Can’t you see the bank lobbyists on his staff helping his foreign policy guy in Georgia’s pocket looking under the chair for McCain’s marbles while the Secret service Agents search the double talk express for his lucky feather. Oh I was just on no mention of this episode anyway. It’s not important really,if a man vying to be president understands who our allies and adversaries are. Nah.He also doesn’t seem to know what his own committee does or that  the Commerce Committee doesn’t regulate Canadian technology(Blackberry). He also doesn’t know that the president can’t fire the SEC chairman.

It is refreshing to see McCain getting more scrutiny. Perhaps we can have a campaign about things that matter after all . McCain has betrayed himself and many in them media who believed in him. As the talking heads try to make sense of the death of John McCain’s myth;Cindy pops a fist full of pills then hands the bottle to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity cuts his own wrists.

If you have never read Salman Rushdie I would recommend it. One of my favorite quotes from the Satanic Verses,” there is no man more bitter than one who finds he has been believing in a ghost.” You’re doing a heckva job Johnny!


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