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Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Posted in Politics, Truth by simpletruthiness on September 11, 2008

Notice the quote isn’t prevaricate or bloviate against the dying of the light. America is the light and its flame is flickering. We are on a precipece. I believe if we make the wrong decisions our decline will be irreversible. So what is Barack Obama to do. He is right to demand  a focus on the issues. But he needs to be forceful about.It is not enough to decry the trivia that is becoming the topic of the day while our great nation decays. You must make people feel that it is wrong on a fundamental level.

Step two don’t go down to that level. If they want to make it about charachter rather than issues or about periphery topics. Fine. It John McCain on Phil Gramm, Charlie Black and Rick Davis.  Hit McCain on his honor.Do not allow him to get away with decrying the evil of lobbyist while employing some of the worst offenders. Make people underdstand the roles of Rick Davis as lobbyist for Freddie and Fannie and Gramm as Senator and employee of UBS in the current crisis. Let everyone know that Charlie Black represented the military junt of Mynmar among other lovely personalites.

This begs the two questions. First how can we trust McCain when he is surrounded by the very people he told us to despise? Second how can we trust him to lead us wisely if he is getting advice from the exact same people who fought for the policies that have so recently failed us? I describe Phil Gramm as the guy you would blame for current economic woes if you had to blame just one person. He wa the biggest cheerleader and lawmaker for deregulating mortage(along with Davis) and dergulating energy trading.This is all verifiable fact. We have only scratched the surface. I know Obama wants to talk about the future and that noble but if McCain wants to talk about the past lets do that but lets bring the bar up a bit and talk bout things that matter but have been undiscussed. The People should know who would be advising the president especially when their track record has been so poor and spectaularly so. How can he reform anything to the benefit of the American peope when he is only getting advice from people out to enrich the 1 perecent hav they have done so beautifully.  He can’t. He wouldn’t know how. Hey Phill how do i fix this? How the hell should I know John? I never gave any thought to anyone outside of my own rolodex.

Hit McCain on his claims to honor and remind people that he has recently forgotten the defintion of this concept his entire candiacy is built on. Asked in a time magazine interview to define honor and his mood “turned visibly sour” and he refused to define it,instead he referred the interviewer to the five books he wrote. Except he didn’t write those books,Mark Salter did. If we really wanted to get frivilous we could say how is that whenever John McCain speaks in his own voice it is always about killing or disrespecting his wife in public or telling some blue joke far far worse than lipstick. Or we could say how is that someone who has spent 26 years crafting  a legend about themself using a ghost writer and not so strategitc but I was POW cover fire ever critize someone else about trying to project an image.

They cannot win on the issues. They certianly cannot win on guilt by association.They cannot even win on scurrilous attacks they are just hoping Obama won’t go there, as well he should not. There are ample and TRUE lines of attack if Obama wanted to go there. People ask were is Obamas rage. It is deep inside where it belongs, we will see it.  I think he is saving it for debates which to my mind is more honorable because then you can look your enemy in the face. Make no mistake this trivia machine we call the camapign is the enemy of America and its general is John McCain.


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