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Reform my ass! We have had enough of your kind of change.

Posted in Politics, Truth, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on September 5, 2008

When people hear the words reform or change they think of positive things. So when McCain/Palin offer these things you naturally think positive thoughts. Too bad this notion doesn’t hold up to inspection. Lets tackle this ridiculous notion of the beauty queen as reformer. Her and Mr. 911 laughed at community service so we have free license to laugh at beauty queens.

She reformed Wasilla from having a balanced budget to having a 22 million dollar deficit. She also reformed the take code, to benefit corporations and raised sales takes. She also tried to reform/change the Library. Apparently there were books in there with information contrary to her narrow world view. She and her husband also wanted to reform/change the American flag by taking one star off of it. Alaska being first and all. She fired the Police chief because he tried to make the bars close three hours earlier from 5am to 2am to cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents. The bar owners were one of her major contributers. Then she was forced to reform/change the way the city was administered. After a recall attempt due to all the firings she was forced to take on a city manager to handle many of the day to day tasks. There is  a record to run on. The republicans keep practicing  this spoon bending shit where if we just say something no matter how untrue long enough and ignore the external evidence long enough we can have reality our way.

It is hard to argue that you are against the good ole boys system, when you are hooked up with their mascot.She directed a 527 group for Ted Stevens with the help of Steve Silver a known Abramoff associate.She then proceeded to beg for the same earmarks McCain has railed against as  center piece not only of his campaign but one of this mantras of the last few years.  Wasilla received $11.9 million in earmarks from 2000 to 2003 according to the LA Times. That is for a town of about 5-6 thousand at the time. Do the math that is more than New York gets per person for terrorism prevention. That is about two thousand dollars per person. During the same time frame New York and Long island got about 40-50 bucks a person.

Once she became governor she practiced the Bush human resource model. Fire everyone who might actually know what they are doing or disagree with you and replace with loyalists. There was a bizarre incident with the state dairy association where she fired the whole board because they gave her some bad news,then replaced them and then after more money was wasted they new board came to the same conclusion as the old. She said she was against the good ole boys but all she did was replace then with a new crop loyal to her. I maintain this is all reform/change as in the form has been altered but not in the positive.(okay sometimes only the names change)

The republicans had the balls to blame liberals for what is wrong with Washington. Hmm Lets see they have been in charge of between two thirds to three thirds for 14 years. Clinton in his governance was centrist. They  controlled both houses and the white house now the democrats have a meaning less majority in the Senate.  Then they tried to seize the change mantle. What the hell? This is trying to bend every spoon in the drawer and should be commended for its shear audacity.  What they failed to mention of course is that they have been changing Washington. As I have said earlier we just assume change=good.It does not.

The republicans(neo-cons). Have been fantastically effective change agents. They managed to change John McCain from someone respectable in many ways into a cruel mockery of himself. He has flipped on almost every issue except war. Well we know why that is, the neo-cons love war. That is why they are so hot for Sarah Palin, she is young and superconservative but her background makes her appear different from George Bush and crew. She is a trojan horse.Bush IV.

The republicans have changed our budget from a balanced one to skyrocketing deficits. Most people don’t know that 80% of our deficit has been acquired under republicans. This change the value of our dollar. As we sell bonds to China to finance our ill advised wars the value of the dollar declines. This CHANGES the well being of the very same Americans they claim to be working for. They reformed/changed our mortgage industry. Hey what happened there? They changed how our energy futures are traded. HMM. Noticing a pattern here? They are telling the truth when they claim to want change just not what kind or who said change will benefit. McCain wants to change the tax code. His “changes” will save him personally about 337,000 a year. Obama’s tax plan will cost him an average of 220,000 more.

Lets see what else have they changed? The Constitution,just by ignoring it hard enough. Oh year our standing in the world. We have become the biggest asshole in the room that simply can’t be ignored. Any other country in the world and we would be a pariah. They had the nerve to say to Russia that in the 21st century nations don’t invade nations.Iraq was a nation. Saddam wasn’t a nice person, neither is the King of Saudi Arabia.  They squandered everything that has ever been built by the power of our example. I am not naive. I know that no government anywhere has ever lived up to the same standard of morality we hold to individuals. But damn it we used to try and we got a closer to the ideal than most. My great grandfather didn’t die in WWII so we could have Guantanamo bay. His son didn’t fight in the Korean war so we could lose everything that makes us what we are.Yes, the republican(neo-cons) have changed a great deal. They have fattened their wallets while multiplying our enemies and destroying everything previous generations have stood for, and John McCain himself has stood for. This is sad indeed. But hey its change.,0,2482434.story


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