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Mrs. Palin are you now or have you ever been….

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on September 3, 2008

a member of group advocating or support sedition against the government of the United States. I don’t remember exact wording so don’t write me but if you joined military you would recognize this line of questioning.  This is a question that is asked of every service member it should be asked of a vice presidential contender. This question  is asked about five different ways to cover,treason,sedition ,communism etc. So the fact that Sarah Palin belonged to a group that advocates Alaska over America and had leaders who proclaimed that they had no use of America or her damned institutions. You know the ones she will be one antique heartbeat away from running. This  is far more important than her daughter being pregneant.( I don’t care about that so much as it gives lie to the idea of abstinence only education.) There are more important issues  here. This just in Todd Palin was an active and registered member in the AIP while Sarah maintained her republican voter registration. So it turns out the wrong spouse in un-american. Sarah just went to their coventions and recently addressed same as governor.

The other thing that is troubling is the pattern of abuse of power. She fired people in Wasilla for not being loyal enough, sound familar? She fired the librarian over not removing books she deemed unfit. GO AMERICA!! Loyality over competence has gotten us in a lot of trouble. You are doing a heckva a job brownie. The horsey guy worked for FEMA so the part time Mayor with the Iron Fist will work for  number two.

Lets go back to the AIP. The republicans have spent all this time casting doubt on Obama’s patriotism. Why hasn’t anyone questioned Governor Palin’s patriotism since she is associated with a group that puts Alaska first and denounces the United States. This is ridiculous. Is it because she is white? Is it because she is a Republican? They are of course beyond reproach.

Oh and then there is the idea of her as a reformer yet, she directed a 527 for Ted Stevens the epitome of the same old crap. She did this with the help of  known associate of Abramoff. Oh then there is seeking out of all earmarks.  Yet we hear teen pregnancy repeated over and over. Its almost  a stroke of luck on their part. When Mrs. Palin says she is happy with the news,yep she sure is because its  a giant damn smoke screen. I am willing to use my daughter to win.

Is O’Reilly going to question her allegiance to the united states? Hannity? Bueller,Bueller?  Of course not Beauty queens love America everyone knows that. Oh she also thinks that the founding fathers started the pledge. She was quoted as saying “if one nation under god was good enough for our founding fathers its good enough for me.” Under god was not added until 1952. Opps. Will Stephanopoulos ask McCain ” do you believe Sarah Palin loves America as much as you do?” Well if he hadn’t hacked himself out of a chance to moderate he might ask,nah he wouldn’t questions like that are reserved for uppity blacks.  Or here is another good question Ms. Palin what is your association with Pat Buchanan who once described Hitler as misunderstood and a soldier’s soldier and blames Winston Churchill for World War II. Nope lets talk about Bristol. Yep that is far more germane.

The other thing that chaffes my ass is that they spent all this time impuning the characther and experince of Barack Obama then they pick Palin. Then they argue with straight fact that being commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard counts as national defense credntials. Then the general in charages says uh we don’t really have anything to do with federal deployments. No wonder these people are at bad governing if they don’t even know that the president commands national guard troops when on federal duty.  Oh then they claim her proximity to Russia gives foreign policy experince. Isn’t Illinois close to Canada? Hey look her daugther is pregneant. Then the final goddamn insult is when the blow hards say well it might all be forgoteen if she gives a great speech. Wait  a tick didn’t you just spent all this time convincings us speeches don’t matter. Either they do or they don’t. Obama is just a guy who writes speeches so he can be disreguarded. But if Mrs. Palin goes and reads someone elses words well then in that case she hits it out of the park and her experince doesn’t matter she is instantly qualified. What the hell? It is disorienting to hear all the bending and lieying  and just wow oh shit moments obstusness. Obamas experince makes him look like an elder statesman next to Palin. After everything Buchanan is still allowed to say Obama is just a lightweight who reads scripted speeches the he himself writes. He no doubt would have said the same thing about Abraham Lincoln.


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