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Holy Blow Back Batman!!

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on August 29, 2008

The McCain campaign just handed Obama his greatest tool ever. And it was one they crafted themselves. They also gave further indication they are not clear on the concept. You ask which concept? Well any concept really.  How to change a game how, to step on great story and make it a positive thing. No they are not clear on that concept. They spent months crafting this hammer labeled inexperience with which to hit Obama. Which to be fair was the only thing they had. So they decided to hand this cudgel over to Obama by picking some one with far less experience. Whose sole criteria seemed to be her genitalia.  I can’t wait to see them keep up the inexperience narrative while unwittingly hurting their own ticket.

This is good for Obama because not only does it take experience argument off the table, it turns it around. Obama and crew don’t have to say anything. McCain has already said it everyone who heard all these arguments will naturally go wait a minute how doesn’t that apply to her? The main interest in McCains VP is centered around the question of their readiness to be president. Here is where all the charges leveled against Obama come back to haunt them. The arguments against Obama are now magnified by Palins even less experience. She brings no additional credentials to the table. So what will the republicans say?

Well I just heard one person on MSNBC outright lie and say that she has the same amount of elected experience as Obama.  She has been Gov. for 18 months and before that she was a part time mayor of a small town. (Obama has 12 years in REAL elected office.)  Alaska for those of you who don’t know has about half a million people less than the town of Austin in which i live. Mayor Will Wynn for President.

Why not Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Why not a whole slew of female candidates. I don’t get it. Her sole qualifications seem to be her genitalia and the fact that she is super conservative. Then the cable folks say hey this is a bold move it will excite independents and Hillary Clinton voters. Which Indepdents? They ones who don’t think the republicans are conservative enough? What really? Which Hillary Clinton voters?

This is an insult to women. McCain is saying women will vote for any woman just because,even if that women is  totally opposed to all of Clinton’s positions. Then the next sexist insult,doesn’t Joe Biden have to be nice and gentle now? So she can’t be made to anwser hard questions? Is Joe Biden supposed to take a dive on questions to avoid making her look stupid because it will hurt her feelings? Why can’t they just have a tough honest debate. It seems ridiculous to suggest she get some kind of special treatment while talking about equality. Maybe she has to be nice to Joe Biden because he is widower and has lost a child?

This pick was a desperate attempt to cater to women voters and to the conservative base.
How can you win with 29% of the vote? I can’t fathom an independent being comforted by this
choice. Are they a significant number of independents who don’t think the republicans are conservative enough but want to see a woman president? Because that is what he is really offering right. With all that talk of not experienced enough he is offering people a substantial chance with his age and health of a less experienced president than they one he has spent all this time railing against based on the very principle. Now they are left with their only other argument Obama is too popular. Good luck.


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  1. amandatalbott said, on August 30, 2008 at 4:18 pm

    Rock on, Patrick. I couldn’t agree more. Read my latest post and see what you think…

    When I first heard about Sarah Palin, i couldn’t stop laughing. I just thought it was the most hilarious thing… of course, this offended my Republican buddies, but even they couldn’t keep a straight face while they tried to justify it!

    anyway, great post.

  2. Amanda T. said, on August 31, 2008 at 12:48 am

    read, man, read! and send an email my way if you want to tell me what you think about all this BS going on with Palin or how awesome our boy Barack was!

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