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Tough vs Negative Ads.

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on August 12, 2008
Tough vs. Negative Ads

Is there a different between negative and tough ads?
If so what is it? The new Obama ad hits back while
raising the bar and actually attacking his opponent on
substance issues and gives lie to many of McCain's
most superficial claims. It also does two other very
important things, it shows the damning picture of Bush
first hugging McCain and then kissing his forehead
ouch.I have personally been waiting to see that
picture used but it should have been from the angle
that shows the look of bliss on McCain's face. Perhaps
the most important thing it does it says do you really
want to have this conversation old man? Do you really
want to make this about character and ability?

McCain had a cameo in Wedding Crashers. He has hosted
SNL and been on more tv shows than any other senator
ever. His daughter is BFF with a teen quasi-reality
star.He is one of the richest people among rich people
his wife ran up credit card bills to the tune of three
quarters of a  million dollars in one month. Then he
tries to paint Obama with the same brush that came off
McCain's own pallet. 

McCain cannot risk being seen as hypocritical, his
viability rests on two things, the perception of his
honor and his uniqueness in relationship to other
republicans.This ad undermines both of those
traits,and I hope(I am being optimistic) will provide
a deterrent to taking the campaign back into vapid
territory. If McCain is seen as a hypocrite and Bush
kisser it is over. This brings me to the subject of
negative advertising. 

I personally believe that there is a difference
between tough advertising and negative advertising.
Tough advertising is when you stand your ground and
tell the truth; negative is when you lie,bend the
truth beyond recognition or just try to change the
topic to unrelated subjects. For example the McCain ad
saying Obama will raise taxes on working people is a
damn lie and thus negative advertising. An ad that
would for instance say that McCain voted with George
Bush 95-100% of the time is factual and while a
negative for McCain is tough advertising and the kind
of thing Americans need to know, as opposed to
allowing McCain to sell the phony idea that he stood
up to Bush on numerous issues while true in the past
tense no longer the case. I refer back to the forehead
kiss, does that look as if they have huge differences?

 Tough above the belt advertising will answer
questions about Obama's toughness while simultaneously
raising questions about McCain's only claims to fame,
his honor and his uniqueness from others of his tribe.
 The talking heads have said of the various memes
about Obama that it is bad for him that people are
even talking about it(it being whatever his alleged
problem of the day),lets fight fire with fire and get
people discussing the veracity of the only things
McCain has left to base a candidacy on. This tough ad
was the opening shot.


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