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Were they trying to shoot their feet off? Or waterski over a shark?

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on July 31, 2008

What were they trying to accomplish? Were they trying to shoot their feet off? I am trying to imagine the effect of the latest McCain ads on his stated purpose of winning the presidential election.Typically speaking if you want to win an argument you play to your strengths you employ facts or your version of them that you believe help you win or portray your side in a favorable hopefully persuasive light. This is a time honored method. So in a political campaign when issues are sorely against you,how do you mount such an argument? Well first you start by kicking the spin up a notch then move to misdirection utilizing facts that are marginally true or neglect to mention contradictory evidence.

Exhibit A when McCain quoted a study saying the new G.I.Bill would hurt retention,while neglecting to mention that the same study said it would boost initial recruitment by the same number. If that doesn’t work you just move on to specious and out right false character attacks. Then there is the brit/Paris ad which puts the bar below sea level. This is very dangerous for Mr.McCain for several reasons.It undercuts his strengths as a different kind of republican and he risks going too far and alienating his base i.e. the press. It also alienates the swing votes he needs to win (and one would assume the ads are aimed at).

First,the attempted exploitation of our wounded troops. As someone who has spent time at Walter Reed myself I take great offense to this. This undercuts McCain’s advantage among active duty and former military. As a former military man it really sickens me to see a man who has commanded men and women in uniform to stoop to using wounded troops as political chips. Which brings me to the second half of why it is so disgusting not only is he engaging in this sick morally questionable behavior he is  doing the very thing he is accusing his opponent of trying to do. I know it makes your head hurt. Which his opponent had no intention of doing. So we have hypocrisy,lying and obfuscation all in one brief ad. So much for honor not to mention the issues. It is truly sad that the man who has never served has vastly more respect for the troops than a retired Navy Captain. I was impressed in the past that Obama had quietly visited wounded troops.

If you want to argue for your fitness to be commander-in-chief this is not the way to do it. If you promise a respectful campaign,comparing your opponent to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears might be a step in the wrong direction. Implying that he is vacuous and incompetent. Then they proceed to insult our intelligence with their ridiculous explanation of the imagery. The argument that they are the number two and three international celebrities is ridiculous. If they wanted deniability they should have used David Beckham or Oprah.

The real question is who were these aimed it? If it is at the 30% who agree with Bush then bravo. I am sure they were cheering and clapping while yelling at the T.V. about damned immigrants. Hey McCain they were never going to vote for the black fella anyway. Ostensibly,these ads are aimed at swing voters. I can’t imagine anything worse than grade school attacks and utilizing our wounded troops for political advantage while lying and practicing a particularly odious form of hypocrisy for currying favor with independent voters who might be genuinely conflcited. I can’t come up with better insults is not a qualification for being president. McCain knows why Obama didn’t get to visit troops because he had been hit with the same prohibition by the Pentagon.This is beyond spin and being disingenuous.There is no explaining this false attack,and the explanation of the Paris/Brit ad will only fly with retards and the base.

It is a huge loss in my opinion. Not only has he failed to sway independent votes(if anything swayed in other direction) by abandoning his stated values of honor and his promise to stick to issues he has come perilously close to alienating his media base,if Andrea Mitchell starts out the week calling your ad a lie and this latest attack is your response the end of viability can’t be far away. Lets hope that doesn’t go away till oh about Oct 31st.

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  1. Nancy Hanks said, on July 31, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    I agree!! Independent voters won’t go for these tactics on either side. Thanks for speaking out!

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