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Goodbye Tim Russert you will never be replaced.

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on June 16, 2008

It took me all day to finish the special Meet the Press hosted by Tom Brokaw ,and I am not afraid to admit that I teared up at the end. I wept for America. There are so few real journalists who take their responsibility seriously.That care more about the truth than ratings or sensationalism. I will never forget on friday when I checked The Huffington Post and saw the dramatic headline. Tim Russert Dead at 58.

My first thought was It must be another Tim Russert it can’t be that Tim Russert can it? Then I thought NO!! Who will replace his voice? Who will tell the truth, who will speak for intelligent,thoughtful Americans? He had so many irreplaceable traits. Who else could confront politicians with their own contradictions and be respectful and give them an honest chance to explain themselves? I never stopped being impressed by his thoughtful preparation or amazed at the fact that the politicians never stopped trying to get over on him and that they never succeeded.

Part of me thinks that he cared so much about this country and the politics of it and the history of this election that maybe his heart just couldn’t take it. I know there were times when I wasn’t sure my heart could stand it all. I am sad that he will never see Barack Obama become president.  I truly believe that America has lost one of its rare lights. One that will never be replaced. I just hope his example will spur others to elevate their standards of journalism. Meet the Press provided such a service for those who sought it. You could always expect him to be fair and unbiased as possible but to stick it to someone when they needed. I am really filled with regret for not watching every last Sunday I was able. I truly believe that journalism is dying a slow death and it lost one of the last geniune articles Tim Russert said Americans hunger for authenticity, he was right and we lost one of the greats this week. We must demand a voice like his and we must be that voice at everyturn. Let no flasehood or deflection go unanswered. Don’t let friends and neighbors buy any wooden nickels. If they don’t want to talk politics. Be that agitator who won’t shut up. Long as you are truthful and have the facts just like  Tim Russert.

I am not religious so I honor those lost in my own ways. I read an article by a young journalist who met Russert as a kid and was a friend of the family and he talked about Tim’s favorite Italian restaurant ,so today I tried a new Italian place and toasted to appreciating life. So tonight do some thing you love, call a friend you haven’t spoken too in awhile, hug someone you love or be nice to someone who looks as if they need it. Life is too short.

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