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Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on June 8, 2008

First kudos to Senator Clinton. That was a great speech yesterday. I really like how she pointed out the things we need from the next president and how we would get them from a president Obama. This makes her support at once more believable and more effective. By laying out solid reasons to put aside the vitriol she can provide rational to supporters who are angry. Every red blooded American knows what its like to be so impassioned and so involved that your higher reasoning suffers. What Senator Clinton has done is put out an argument that once that passion subsides, can provide good reasons to switch to Obama other than well he is a democrat.

Let me be clear I am not excusing her race baiting and on going blame deflection. If she had tried to win on merits instead of bring up those old ghosts there would not be as much damage to repair. The sexism in the media argument really struck a cord and has persisted that might be the worst part of all. Far as the media goes I think they both got hammered on silly crap. It went in cycles. Was there wall to wall coverage for a week and a half about Mark Penn lobbying for the same trade deal she was against? What about the pandering in Indiana about the Magneqeunch plant? This was  one segment(as far as I know) on abc news. During the Clinton administration this defense contractor was sold to China,which was approved by Bill then jobs stayed for a few years then left shortly after Bush took office. Sen.Clinton then doubled back to the town affected and expressed outrage that this had taken place. This was not covered. Nor was her anti-union days at Walmart. Yes they covered cleavage and the tear. They also talked way too long about flag pins et al. Point is they both got their turns and they both probably got off the hook on a couple of issues. Lets all forget about that and quit blaming external forces. Once Clinton supporters start to realize how the internal problems with the campaign affected the outcome I hope that some of this anger will dissipate. It is hard to be mad when all you have to blame is yourself. Moving right along.

If we are really going to improve and change our country. Barack Obama will not be able to do it alone. That being said I think Hillary would be of much better service in the Senate where she can push and use her skills to further the administration’s agenda. With her as a spearhead and the VP as a tie breaker we might be able to get things done. Their power would be  greater if they are apart. She can have a voice that is her own but complimentary to his when their agenda’s overlap which they do in many ways. Then when the time is right she can fill a vacancy on the Supreme court and have a positive long term effect on America and protect womens rights at the highest level.

I think Obama needs a bold move to PROVE he is different. This is why I whole heartedly support the idea of picking Chuck Hagel as his running mate. Let me tell you why. First, it would make so many pundits heads explode.Second, then that means they wouldn’t be able to talk.It gives substance to the talk of new direction and for a post partisan America. He is a Vietnam vet and was once head of the VA which is a two for one first it dulls McCain’s no military experience criticism, while showing this administration will care about veterans and not just wars. It will also increase Obama’s margins with independents,disillusioned republicans and educated “elite”voters. These increased margins can offset any hardcore holdouts from the Hillary camp. Picking a Clinton Loyalist would bring in some holdouts but it could put off independents and republicans needing a little more enticement to crossover ,picking a Clinton loyalist runs a high risk of being a zero sum gain, a risk we cannot afford. I also think picking Senator Hagel, will persuade a few people from solidly democratic strongholds who are hesitant of Obama’s authenticity. Actions speak louder than words. This choice would also be all but guaranteed to dominate the political shows for days robbing McBush of precious news cycles. Choosing Senator Chuck Hagel would be a true page turning choice. Obama needs to pick sooner than he had hinted he might, he needs to choose to get on message and truly begin the general election. Until he picks any discussion about the differences between he and McBush or policy will be hijacked by talk of VP.

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