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Memorial Day

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on May 26, 2008

I am a Veteran I was lucky others were not. I have lost friends. I thought I would list them.

Jason Bishop he was one of my drill sgt. You think you hate an SOB and then he up and dies on you. One time he was telling this story about when he was chopping wood and he compalined his hands were hurting. His father told him shut up boy some folks ain’t got no hands. This caused the guy next to me in line to chuckle and I had to stifle one too ,but I was the only one called out for it.

Jeremiah Smith was in the room across from mine at boot camp. He was an odd ball who alway declared something was the shit so much so that it lost all significance when he declared he liked something. But he could always find something that he liked and that is not a bad thing.

Chad Caldwell was my bunk mate or battle buddy. He always like d to imitate the drill sgts in that way that kids who lacked strong male role models tend to do. He was great at packing so when we went to the field he’d pack our bag and I would carry it. One of those people who always had a good attitude.

Joesph Blanco he was a cheerful guy. He met up with us in Iraq about 2/3 of the way through. On his second tour his luck ran out. In the rear at Ft hood he liked to teach the other guys martial arts and called his clique the Shaolin. It was always the big joke who was getting promoted or on the outs and demoted.

Christopher Moudry he impressed me immediately because on my first field exercise at ft hood we had some hard labor to do and he was one of only two SGT’s that helped. All he wanted to do was see his kids grow up and he was cheated into reenlisting. On his second tour he went to Valhalla.

Roger Turner I did not really know him that well he was in support I just remember him laughing so hard at sponge bob square pants. i thought it was so weird at the time but when he died I was glad that he was able to enjoy something so simple in such ridiculous place.

Lief Knot I did not really know him having only met him a time or two but everyone around me knew him well. I list him because he was the one who brought the stark reality of war home for all of us. After his death no one every asked about action again or complained they were bored.


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