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Darth McBush

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on May 22, 2008

That is my new name for John McCain because he has turned to the Dark Side.

115 lobbyist on his staff from one military man to another WTF OVER?

Including one who worked for the Military junta of Myanmar among other luminaries. Where is the wall to wall coverage? Hmm supports my earlier thesis that the media is not liberally biased.

Where is all the outrage over this hypocrisy? Its covered for a few minutes on countdown and few on Dan Abrams awesome segment called Teflon John. But I ask again were is the outrage and the wall to wall coverage and marathon of analysis? Crickets O’Reilly? Hey Glenn Beck what the hell? Lou Dobbs?Nothing huh. Weird. Not one word on Lots of talk about Obama’s voter problems though. The guy who has won 33 states has a voter problem. The guy in the lead by every metric has a problem. Oh, there is a link that says Clinton narrows delegate gap, while technically true not really accurate or meaningful. It is like this headline;man gets ladder, narrows gap between ground and 5th floor,ladder 10 feet tall. Sure, he is closer to the 5th floor window but not really close enough to do anything. How can any Clinton supporter claim the MSM has been trying to get Clinton out since Iowa?

I would say the opposite they kept up the neck and neck race facade when Obama was racking up win after win and are wish washy about it now. What does the KY win mean. IT MEANS NOTHING. What does her only winning 17 states mean? I have digressed on purpose to mimic what has been happening in the media. The whole point is Clinton- Obama all the time even when a story is tenuous at best. Meanwhile, McCain is betraying all of his principles excuse me espoused principles and no one is looking. Are the swing voters who are still buying Maverick BS watching the few programs giving these issues any kind of airing?Are they reading the Huffington Post? No idea,but I sure hope so. Too much is at stake in this election we need to focus time now!

I would hate to disagree with Warren Buffett he recently commented that the US can withstand a little mismangement from time to time. A LITTLE???? Is that what you call this farce we have endured? I call it a whole hell of a lot of mismanagement. We might be able to recover if we start now another 4 or 8 years and it might be too late. Countries do not last forever,they are living things just like people they are born they grow they propser they have their occiasional ups and downs then prosper again then complaceny sets in and then like all living things they decline and pass away. Longeivty depends on the health of the country and I think ours is suffering with an acute case of stupdity. We need to wake up and concentrate on defeating Darth McBush. We can’t let profit motivated talking heads talk us into oblivion. Lets forget about all our differences and come together as one purple nation, god optional .


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