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Rest in Peace John Sidney McCain III CPT USN Ret.

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on May 18, 2008

As Arianna Huffington said on Colbert and in other places the John McCain of 2000 will not be on the ballot in 2008. The fire inside of him died sometime in 2007. The fire that could not be extinguished by the forces of evil at work in the Hanoi Hilton was doused by the thirst for power. Gone is the man who was too honest and too consistent to become President. This thirst for power did not destroy John McCain in one day. It started quietly with land swap deals then it escalated to embracing the very same agents of intolerance who have helped to divide the country into the conflicted mess it has become these last few years. The only person who raged against this step towards perdition was Jon Stewart who was the only journalist to ask “what the hell?”. He correctly observed that the straight talk express has become the smarbly double talk express. He was one of the few to also call him out on praising the safety of Baghdad markets while being guarded by helicopters and an entire company of soldiers. Then he in very callous and unstatesman like manner joked that he had put an IED under the desk of Jon Stewart when he tried to discuss the issue in all seriousness.What could be more disrespectful of the troops? How could a man of military background who went through what he went through who has lead men in uniform be so callous? Does his honor mean nothing to him? I do not think his grandfather and his father would be so proud of his compromise of his principles. No I dare say that they would be ashamed.He sold his honor to get his shot at the white house. This is not the same man whose hand I shook and declared I wanted to vote for him although I was a Democrat. That was before singing bomb bomb Iran and his statement about staying in Iraq a 100 years.

If he truly thinks Iraq is analgous to Korea, Germany or Japan he is not fit to be president He forgot his own position on Hamas among other things just to score points. This is not the same man who went against his party, because he thought his actions were the right thing to do. I think he went against the party on immigration in a shameless attempt to get the Hispanic vote knowing that it wouldn’t pass. I believe that people can change and although they wear the same face and the same name they are in fact not the same person. I think the John McCain who was flawed yet respectable the John McCain who stood  by his principles even despite occasional lapses was in fact brutally honest for a politician(notice i said for a politician). That John McCain is gone. I do not know exactly when he left but he is not on the ballot in 08. Bush did what the Viet Cong could not do he destroyed John McCain’s spirit. John Sydney McCain III has passed away and in his place is John B.S. McBush III Term.


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