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The Myth of Liberal Media Bias

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized by simpletruthiness on May 16, 2008

I have just watched Keith Olberman’s special comment on the Bush online interview for about the third time.

First it makes me proud to be an American that we can still have someone get on his own t.v. show and express themselves thusly and talk to The Bungler-in-chief that way. I realize that Olberman and others like him have so much more of a voice now because they have a more receptive audience. However, I have to ask  a few  questions:


Five years and 6 months ago. When it could have prevented all of this. A little background on me I am a Veteran of Iraq. I went in April of 2003 I was apart of the 4th Infantry Division contingent  that was supposed to go in  through Turkey but was delayed. Also, the over  four thousand dead are not an abstract to me I know some of them…  knew  some of them sorry.

Of course I know the Olbermann’s rant(s) was only possible with everything that has gone so marvelously wrong for so many people. However, I want to know why the tape from 1994 of Dick Cheney as it turns out correctly predicting that results of removing Saddam was not played on an endless loop before the war? Hell for that matter why not now?  Why wasn’t the footage of Rumsfeld shaking  Saddam’s hand played?  Even more importantly why was it not played and pointed out that it took place AFTER  one of the primary incidents that they used as an example of Saddam’s history of bad acts.  The whole thing was ridiculous theather carried out by two out of three of the same people who helped Saddam stay in power and cement his position.By two out of three I mean Dick Cheney and Rummy(Reagan was at home losing his bearings). This ridiculous theater was aided and abetted by the mainstream media. How quickly would the case for war have deflated if these facts were brought to light? They were not. The media is and now repeat after me: NOT LIBERALLY BIASED. If they were we would not be at war in Iraq. If they were Bush would not have gotten away with so much. If they were liberally biased they would stoke our righteous fury until we demanded the removal of these constitutional hijackers called the Bush Regime. Oh don’t get me wrong the media is biased just not along liberal lines. They are biased towards sensationalism and distraction and avoidance of their duties.  How much coverage was given to Natalie Halloway? Was she the only person to go missing in that week, hell even the same day? Nope just the prettiest.  The media is biased away from having to risk their  ad revenues by giving us insights and forcing us to discuss tough issues in an adult manner. Politics is on the list of things most people refuse to talk about after all.It is too risky for the media to give us real substance,someone might change the channel to a station talking about Britney. Can’t have that. They are biased in their own interests not that of the people or of the liberal agenda. It so happens that Fox’s bias does in fact benefit its self and its audience so there is a marriage made in heaven for you.

If only the media were biased towards making sure the people had all the information they need to be the most informed, actively engaged  population to ever roam the earth. Imagine if they spent the time breaking down the nuance of policy and how many Americans are fooled by politicians claiming to be the same as them while tricking the people into voting against their on interests time and time again. If only these politicians knew beyond a reasonable doubt their ridiculous facade and con game would be exposed for all the world to not only see but to understand. What a great country we would have. One purple nation under god, working toward common goals. Instead we let people in power(lets say 5%) divide us by making us believe we are fundamentally at cross purposes when we are not. The true shame is that whenever the media looks as if they might be about to live up to their obligations  pundits come out of the woodwork and say oh it is just liberal media bias. Whenever you hear that thrown around you should probably turn up the volume it is probably something you should hear. Also, when you hear George Bush criticize a presidential candidate you should take that as an endorsement and run to vote for him.


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