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What is going on with this election coverage?

Posted in Politics by simpletruthiness on April 28, 2008

I am starting this blog because I can’t stand what is not being talked about. The real question is not how did Hillary Clinton win by 9.2% The question is how did she with five weeks of wall to wall scandal and attacks on Barack Obama managed to cough up 15% ? How did she not manage to build on her lead? What is Barack Obama’s problem with white voters? What is Hillary Clinton’s problem with both white voters and women?

She has consistently pulled in smaller proportions of those votes than Barack has of african american votes.He has gotten much larger shares of her voters than she ever has of his.

Doesn’t her argument that his candidacy is propped up by black voters lose water when you look at how hard a time she has had getting the white women’s vote? At no point has she garnered 80-90% of their votes. Why because many women feel that she has hurt their cause. Over 60% of Americans view her unfavorably her lowest approval rating in 16 years. On her turf he eats away huge leads in spite of the establishment support of her in the personage of Ed Rendell and Jack Murtha. When she comes on to his turf she gets blown out. This is mentioned in brief on CNN to give the appearance of propriety.

I ask one more time why all the pats on the back for getting a 9.2% win whens she had a 25% lead in polls after Ohio. He actually got more delegates out of Texas. A fact also gone unsung on the alleged news networks. She had perfect storm of negative coverage for six weeks and essentially was able to hold on to only a fraction of her original lead with half the elected officials in Pennsylvania beating the bushes for her. This is the political equivalent of when the home team goes in against the underdog gets whipped for 3 and half quaters then eeks out a vicotry by the skin of their teeth and the next day the local sports writer makes it sound like a great game and wonderful victory. Sure still a win but not something to really brag about.Its like getting a C in gimme class sure you passed but you didn’t really do so great.

I will spare everyone a rant on what happens when too few control too much media. That being said can someone please tell me why on the CNN politics page I just saw Barack Obama’s former pastor speaks followed two lines down by Barack Obamas former pastor speaks out. I bet those are really different stories.Here is what I didn’t see a link to a story about McCain’s current spirtual advisors and endorsors.Rod Parsley thinks America was founded for the express purpose of destroying Islam and John Hagge calls the Catholic church the great whore and that Katrina was gods revenge for gay parade. Oh and what else wasn’t mentioned on CNN Obama picked up another endorsement from a fellow Senator, he has gotten five super delegates since last tuesday compared to 2 for Hillary Clinton.

Let me be clear I am somone who two years go thought it would be great to have the Clintons back they have thoroughly disabused me that notion. America does not need dynasties. The sense of entitlement alone scares me. I majored in History and I am firm believer in its importance. Her election I believe would take us one step closer to being Rome. The Rome that began to decay once it had thoughtlessly forgetten its own principles. One last question has any one noticed that she started winning after McCain locked up GOP nomination and after Rush advocated voting for Hillary? There were a large number of republicans who switched parties in PA. Did they switch because all of a sudden they got religion on the Clinton dynasty? Doubtful.


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